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Finding woodworking tools for sale

In this article we discuss how to find woodworking tools for sale in a cost effective manner

The need for good woodworking tools

tools for sale

When I was in my early twenties I bought my first house, a small two family home, it was a fixer upper, that needed a lot of work. It did not take long for me to realize I had a problem, while I had the skill and knowledge to do the work, to fix the house up, I had no power tools, not even a drill, just one hammer and a hand saw were all the carpentry tools I owned. Having used just about every penny I had to buy the house, and needing to complete the second apartment so I could collect rent, while I lived in the first apartment, I was forced to borrow the tools I needed from relatives and friends, until I could find good woodworking tools of my own.

Used woodworking tools for sale

woodworking tools

Now owning a home that needed a lot of work, and having very little money, not enough to pay someone to do the work, I knew I had to start building a collection of woodworking tools, so I began looking for woodworking tools for sale. I started looking in the local classified ads for used woodworking tools, and I began attending flea markets and estate sales, I quickly discovered that there were a lot of used woodworking tools for sale. I have bought many used tools at flea markets, and estate sales over the years especially small hand tools, like chisels, rulers, planes, squares, rasps, etc. Most of the time you can buy used tools for just pennies on the dollar, many of the people that are selling the tools have no interest in using them and will sell them cheap just to get rid of them. Sometimes people inherited the tools they are selling and don’t even know how to use them and do not want to learn. Estate sales or moving sales are one of the best ways to find good used tools, these sales will run for just a few days in most cases, and people need to sell things fast, if you make a low offer on something you like, you may find the owner perfectly happy to accept the offer just because they need to sell a lot of things fast.

You can do an internet search for estate sales and moving sales in your area, there are several websites that sellers can list their sales, and upload pictures of what they are selling. By using the internet to find these sales you can preview what is for sale, say you are looking for a table saw the chances are pretty good you may find one or even find several saws for sale. A little advice, if you want to go to an estate sale to buy tools you will want to go on the first day as early as you can, many people will price things very low just so they will move fast, if a person only has a few days to sell a lot of stuff they will price things accordingly, and a good deal will not last long. Do not be discouraged if you do not find what you are looking for at the price you are looking for, my experience has been that there is always another deal on the horizon.


Woodworking tools sale

Another great way to find tools is to look for a woodworking tools sale. Like anyone else tool retailers and manufacturers will run promotions to get customers into their store or to buy their product, some of these promotions can be really good, and you may be able to buy a new tool for a greatly discounted price. These promotions can be quite common, and by keeping your eyes and ears open you will find these deals. I have gotten some good deals in the past, including a portable table saw, a hammer drill, and a generator, all for less than half the regular price, and they were brand new.

Repair shops, and power tools for sale

Tool repair shops are another great way to find woodworking tools for sale. Quite often small tool repair shops will sell refurbished tools of all kinds. People bring in tools to be repaired and sometimes do not bother to pick them up when the repairs are complete. After a period if the owner of the tool does not make an effort to pick up the tool, These shops will sell the tools. Also, these repair shops will look for broken tools that nobody wants, and repair them to sell. One of the benefits of buying used tools from a repair shop is they will go through the tools and fix anything that is wrong before selling them, so you get a good working tool for a good price. Over the years I have found many power tools for sale, and have always been very happy with the purchases I have made


Pro tools for free?

Probably the best way to get tools is for free, I don’t think many people will argue that. I have a lot of tools, mainly woodworking tools, and a large portion of them I got for free. There are many people who have tools they do not use, and may be willing to give them to someone who will appreciate them, Many times people inherit tools from a relative, or may have worked in the trades, or did woodworking as a hobby, or just had a nice collection of tools they had acquired over a lifetime, and now they no longer use them because they are to old, or may only be keeping them because they were a loved ones who has passed away, maybe they have lost interest in using them, etc. You may know someone like this, they may be a relative, a friend, or just someone you know, it may be worth it for you to ask about the tools, and show an interest in them. A lot of people will hold on to tools for sentimental reasons even if they know they are not going to use them again, by showing an interest in the tools, you may get them thinking about what to do with the tools, and if that person likes you, and thinks they may be useful to you, you may end up with those tools.


I have always made it a point to make it known to people that I have an interest in tools that people want to get rid of, and many times I have been given tools just for making that interest known. A little while back I was approached by a neighbor of mine whose kitchen I had renovated a few years earlier, she had a cordless drill that a friend of hers had wanted to get rid of, she wanted to know if I wanted it for free. She explained the drill had belonged to her friends husband who had passed away a few years earlier, and that she may have a few more tools she wanted to get rid of as she had no interest in them, nor did any of her family members. I accepted the drill thanked her for it, and began to use it on a regular basis. A few weeks later I asked her to thank her friend again, and to tell her that I was getting a lot of use out of the drill and how much I appreciated her giving me the drill. A few days later the neighbor approached me again, she explained that her friend had a garage full of tools that were her husbands, and she wanted to get rid of everything in the garage, but needed help in cleaning out the garage. If I was willing to help her clean out the garage I could have most of the tools, she only wanted to keep a few basic tools for around the house, so I agreed, this turned out to be a lifetime collection of tools, mainly woodworking tools. This collection was extensive, and realizing this woman could have sold the tools, rather than give them to me, and not wanting to take advantage of her, I returned with a helper a few days later and made numerous repairs for her around her house, that she would have had to pay someone to do.


The point of all of this is there are a lot of people out there with tools they do not need and may be willing to give you if they just knew you had an interest and use for them, so do not be afraid to make it known to the people around you that you have an interest in unwanted tools, it never hurts to ask, who knows you may end up with a set of pro tools for free.

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  1. Tina Cyphers

    I never thought of checking repair shops for power tools! That is such a great idea. One I will be doing straight away.
    I never miss an estate sale where they have wood working tools. I have probably built over half of my shop this way, and usually for next to nothing. Great site! I’m glad I found it.

    • admin

      Hi Tina, thanks for reading my article, yes repair shops are one of the best places to buy a used tool as they tend to fix any problems before they sell them, I just bought a used Milwaukee 8 and 1/4″ circular saw from a repair shop about a month ago, this is a real heavy duty saw that originally sold for about $230.00, I paid $75.00, the saw was in like new condition, it went in the shop for a new cord, and the owner never picked it up, after about six months and several attempts to contact them they put the tools for sale
      Best regards

  2. Janice B

    I love tools – guess I believe that you can never have too many. Thanks for the tips on where to get tools inexpensively or free, even. One thing you did’t mention is Craig’s list – I am amazed at what some people are giving away. I will be more vocal about letting friends know that I can give them a new home for their tools.

    • admin

      Hi Janice, thank you for reading my article, yes Craig’s list is another great place to find tools, used tools are easy to find once you know where to look.


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