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Dremel Multi Tool Review

In this article we will review the Dremel Multi tool

The Multi Tool

There are many tools called multi tools, such as the Leatherman multi tool etc. Here we are talking about power oscillating multi tools, specifically the Dremel multi tool. An oscillating multi tool is a power tool designed to do a multitude of difficult, tedious, time-consuming tasks that would be hard to do with any other tool. There are many attachments for many tasks, such as wood cutting blades, metal cutting blades, general purpose cutting, grout removal blades, sanding attachments, etc. With a multi tool you can make cuts in material that could not be made with any other tool or would be difficult, like a straight plunge cut. This is particularly handy for making repairs to wood floors, you can make a cut straight down on a flooring board that you could not make with a skill saw, or any saw with a round blade. Another handy attachment is the sanding attachment, with the sanding attachment you can sand in very tight locations like corners, between the balusters on a stair tread, or just about any area you could not sand with any other type of sander.

The Dremel Multi tool

What are the makings of a good tool? A good tool is one that is easy to use, it must be comfortable and easy to hold, and it must be able to do precision work, A tool must be well-built, and must be able to stand up to the toughest most demanding uses. A good tool should have plenty of power, and be able to save you time and energy over most other tools and methods of accomplishing the tasks you want to achieve. Dremel is well-known for making high quality small precision grinding cutting drilling type tools. The Dremel multi tool comes in many sizes, with many features. They are well-built, easy to use, comfortable, have plenty of power, and are very tough. One of the features that Dremel offers on some newer models is the quick lock accessory interface, which allows you to install and remove accessories without the use of a hex key or wrench, you no longer have to worry about losing the lock down screw and washer as these parts are no longer used on models that have this feature. This feature saves a lot of time and makes it very easy when changing accessories.

A wide selection of the Dremel Multi Tool

Dremel offers several sizes and versions of their multi tool, from a small 2.3 amp for smaller projects, to the larger 7 amp version designed for trade professionals who need the power to take on larger tougher jobs. Dremel offers more than 15 different types of accessories, plus a selection of sandpaper grits for their sanding attachments. I have two Dremel Multi tools, both are the Multi Max MM45 model, one is a 4 amp version and the other is the 5 amp version. Both have the quick lock interface, and both versions have an oscillating motion of between 10,000 and 21,000 (OPM) and a variable speed control with settings from 1 through 10 allowing the user to set the speed for maximum control and results.

The Dremel Multi Tool A Must Have Tool

Have you ever bought a tool and wondered whether you would ever really use the tool much, and it turns out that you use the tool all the time? This is one of those tools, you just keep finding new uses for it. I have used mine for years on dozens of projects of every type, and continue to use them on a regular basis on nearly every renovation job I do. If you are a trade professional, a woodworker, a hobby person, or just a regular handy homeowner than this is a must have tool for you. For the cost of these tools versus the amount of stuff you can do, it’s a no brainier, you just can’t go wrong buying one of these Dremel Multi Tools.

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